Meet Michael Bahry

Michael Bahry

Michael is president and CEO of Bahry Building.  With over 30 years of experience in the building construction renovation business, his learning began as a blue collar worker in the field, first as a laborer, then carpenter and foreman. He attended night school at Providence College while working full-time - earning his undergraduate degree and graduating with honors.

His early work includes a progression from project manager to physical plant executive director, then acting assistant vice president where he oversaw a major capital improvements program, and spearheaded five year facilities master and differed maintenance plans for Providence College.

In the mid 90's Michael joined Bacon Construction (the Agostini Companies) as executive project manager and then vice president.He accepted an interum short term role as CEO of Patriot Construction Services (Suffolk Construction) and worked to identify the root cause of and rectified several core issues within the business - saving millions in the process. He returned to Bacon and during his 15 years with them helped them to grow the business from twenty two million to one hundred and fifty three million dollars of construction in 2009.